Holy Week 2022



April 12:  Seder Meal:  5:00 p.m. Trinity UMC

The Seder Meal is presented by Chosen People Ministries.  This is a taste of a Seder Meal, you may want to eat before come or after the meal!  Please call the church office if you would like to attend.

For many centuries, Passover has been celebrated with ˙ the help of a Haggadah,a book or booklet that includes liturgy, stories, participatory reading,and biblical references to guide Jewish families in their celebration of this holy festival.The Haggadah, which means “the telling,” was compiled by Jewish sages over hundreds and perhaps thousands of years.You will find many versions of the Haggadah from Jewish cultures around the world that tell the story of God’s redemption of the people of Israel from bondage in Egypt. This particular Haggadah, based upon the traditional order of service of the Passover, is adapted for use by both Jewish and Gentile followers of Yeshua (Jesus). Along with the usual elements of the Seder, we highlight the links between the traditional Seder and the Last Supper. It is our prayer that you will set aside time during Passover week and enjoy a Seder together with family and friends, so that your faith in the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world will be deepened, or even perhaps awakened for the first time if you have not yet committed your life to God’s Messiah. The word Seder simply means “order” and refers to an order of service designed to tell the story of the Passover. This telling (Haggadah) reminds the children of Israel each year of what God did by the hand of Moses in delivering them from Egyptian bondage. This is a great way to enhance your understanding of Scripture. The Feast of Passover is especially for the children, as they can personally participate in the Seder. By touching, tasting, and smelling the elements on the Seder table, participants are brought back to the great events of the original Exodus and become better able to identify with the Exodus and the redemption of the children of Israel. Yet, for followers of the Messiah, the story of redemption reminds us of far more than the deliverance from Egypt. It brings our minds to the redemption and deliverance from sin that God has provided through His Son. We believe that Yeshua celebrated an early form of the Passover Seder with His disciples. This Haggadah, especially created for you and your family, will wed these two great stories of redemption together, as we join the Savior on that night when He celebrated His last Seder with His disciples on this earth.

April 14 - Maundy Thursday - 6:00 PM Trinity UMC

Supper and Communion followed by a presentation of "What the Bus Boy Saw"

April 15 - Good Friday - 7:00 PM Highlands UMC

April 16 - Holy Saturday

This is not a day that is normally recognized by a service or practice too often in The United Methodist Church, but here is   a suggestion for this day.

Read John 19:38-42. Use this day to remember the moment that Jesus was laid in the tomb.

Think about where the disciples were, how they were feeling, and what they were thinking. This is a somber and humbling day. How are we feeling on this holy day?

Spend time in silence today, and you may want to use this silence as a time of prayer. If you are not sure what to pray you can use the words from Psalm 31:1-4, 15-16.


April 17 - Easter Sunday: 

Sunrise Service: 7:00 am - Highlands UMC

Easter Morning Worship:  9:30 am